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A beginners guide: Glassing for Game species

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One of the many methods Australian hunters hunt is glassing. Glassing is best described as spotting game at a distance from a vantage point before stalking to a suitable location to take the shot. Glassing is often done using binoculars and or a spotting scope.

I personally own a pair of Vortex Diamondback 8×42 binoculars and a smaller magnification pair to avoid the temptation to look for game through my riflescope when not necessarily using a glassing method of hunting.

To have any success with glassing it is important to have a few things. The first is the equipment needed to be able to spot game from a distance. In this case, I have found my Vortex Diamondback Binoculars to be a very suitable pair of binoculars for the glassing method of hunting.

The second is the right place to glass from.  For this you are generally looking for a location that gives you an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. This is often a high vantage point, but when selecting this location keep in mind that you want to be overlooking an area your game may be. There is no point overlooking undesirable habitat just because your spot is nice and high with a clear view.

Some other points to keep in mind when you are selecting your location is your comfort. Do you need shade from the hot sun? Will you be able to sit in that location in a relatively still manner for a long period of time? And never set up looking directly into a rising or setting sun.

Even though you are spotting game from a distance the wind direction still matters. You do not want the wind blowing your sent from your vantage point to the area you are hoping to see your game.

Once you have put these two things into practice, having the right gear and the right location now it comes down to you as the hunter. Your knowledge of game, your patience, and your ability to spot the game. After all the deer will not come out wearing blaze orange to help you see them.

A couple of tips to help the beginner Glasser spot the game. Scan the environment from right to left and from bottom to top. Studies have shown that this is a more effective way for people who read from left to right, top of page to bottom of page to scan their environment. This is because it is the opposite to what our brain is used to, so it takes more care in processing the information.

If you are glassing over a large area break the area up into sections and scan one section at a time. Again, this helps your brain take in more information and process the information better.

And finally, do not just look for a deer for example. You may only get to see an antler sticking over the top of a bush or a hind leg from behind a large tree truck. Look for anything that is out of the ordinary and then investigate further.

The team over at Hunters and Shooters Society Australia have gone to a great deal of effort to provide these tips and really hope it helps you with your next hunting trip. If you are looking for a fantastic Hunting organisation that can provide you with a great deal of information and support, check them out at If you need to get the right gear for your next trip, why not visit us in-store or online to shop now below!

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