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Zone Archery - Hunter Recurve Bow Package



The Hunter Recurve bow kit is perfect for starter archery!

The full package you see here includes everything you need to start shooting a bow, except for a target to shoot at;

  • Hunter Recurve Bow – Black right handed grip only, limb weight options from 30 to 50lbs all at 58 inch length.
  • 12x Carbon arrows – Exclusive to Zone Archery – all other Hunter kits come with fiberglass arrows.
  • Hip Quiver – includes rigid tubes to hold arrows separately.
  • Bow Sight – 5 adjustable pins for multiple distance tuning.
  • Arrow Rest – Holds your arrow securely during draw cycle.
  • Stabilizer – Reduces shock from the handle.
  • Finger Tab – Protects your fingers and allows for a consistent string release.
  • Arm Guard – Protects your wrist from string slap due to beginner form issues.
  • String Wax – Preserves the life of your bow string (also included).
  • Allen Key set – Includes every size you need to set the bow and accessories up.
  • Bow Stringer – An absolute necessity, never string your bow without a stringer!
  • Grip Tape – For archers that prefer to add padding to their grips.
  • Arrow Puller – Assists in removing arrows from the target.

Why should I start archery with the Hunter?

If you’ve done any research on how to get started and what to use, you’ve probably come across a few examples like the Samick Sage takedown recurve. Bows like this are a traditional style wooden bow in a short, compact hunting size, and they are known for having great value for money while letting you try a few different styles of shooting. They are simple, yet reliable and effective. However, while the Hunter doesn’t have the legacy in comparison to other bows, it is the absolute best value buy you will ever find on the archery market.

This full bow package is cheaper than other starting bows on their own, which makes it about half the price of its competition when you add a kit onto them. That’s pretty incredible, when you think about it.

What makes it so cheap?

If everyone says a bow twice as expensive is what you want to start on, you might have suspicions about the price of the Hunter kit. We can assure you it won’t fall apart on you, in fact, it’s actually a great bow in our eyes. The riser is a repurposed compound bow riser, so mass production allows the Hunter to come in way cheaper since it is not purpose built, only the limb pockets have been fashioned to allow the attachment of the limbs, which are also from another bow. That makes the Hunter a frankenbow in some sense, but it works, is very durable and shoots well to boot!

The kit is also toned down to be as basic as possible to save money for you, but again this one really is for beginners who want to get started without breaking the bank.

The Hunter in every way was built to be the most affordable, full package recurve bow you can get, while still having a decent level of performance.

Things to know before you get started

Not every bow kit is perfect; archery is a very personal sport and so certain things need to be considered before making the leap to getting a kit. We’ve noted a few things and made a few changes you ought to know about;

We asked the manufacturer to upgrade the arrows from fiberglass to carbon. Fiberglass arrows would’ve made the kit cheaper for us, and is what the bow originally comes with, but we decided to improve the quality where we could without raising the price against our competitors. We want to make sure if you get the Hunter from us you get the best value, on a best value kit.

The Hunter comes in a right handed configuration only, sorry lefties!


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